Sunday, January 2, 2011


So guess i am starting from the closest event to the farthest back one but oh well.. We had a great Christmas break and everyone was so good to me and the kids as well as to Levi and the kids. As you all know because if you are reading my blog you are a good friend our divorce is final :( However we are still very best friends and still will do what we can for our children. Anyway on to another note.. our fun family time. My good friends Mark and Wendy Ball invited me and the boys to a hockey game, we were treated like VIP.. All three boys got hockey pucks, Chase got a t-shirt and Christian and Clay both got to ride on the zamboni. Well to top the night off i got chosen to play the game, Lets make a deal which i won 4 grizzlies tickets and a new flip video recorder it was pretty awesome although i looked lame on the big screen. It was so much fun and definately a night we wont be forgetting. Christian riding the Zamboni.....
Grizz Bee eating Chases head ..

Me and Chase just hanging out at the game :)

Clay riding the Zamboni.

All of us waiting for it to start.

For one of Chases Christmas presents i got a good friend of mine to take Chase on an airplane ride he is a pilot and can fly the planes out of airport #2. Chase has been telling us for years he wants to be a pilot well all this ride did is confirm that fact. Not only was it really awesome but Chase got to fly the plane completely ALONE!! and he did amazing, he was told he was a better pilot than anyone who he has ever had on the plane with him. And let me add in here he really was, i was in shock that he was doing it alone because he was really really good.

Chase flying the plane.

Grandma Diane bought Stacia this beautiful Christmas dress, i made her model all over in it. She is so beautiful .

Christmas was hard but it ended up being okay. the kids got to spend Christmas eve with Levi and they had a great time, first thing in the morning they came to be with me and we all including Levi enjoyed breakfast together, after he left and me and the kids hung out. We played with their presents and ended up going to a movie, Gullivers Travel. I think this is a tradition we will keep on the years i have them, it was nice and relaxing and all the kids were really good. We came home and spent a few hours playing uno and having scooter races it ended up being a fun day.

Sorry all these pictures are sideways... oh well . Stacias big present was a doll house

chases big present was the airplane ride but the big thing he got to open was aremote control helicopter which we ended up returning and he got a nerf gun.

Clays big present was a nerf gun although in this picture he is modeling his A ROd jersey.

Christians big gift was an electric guitar.. which he has been teaching himself and doing really good.

Every year we have a cousin party and this year i was in charge, we made gingerbread houses, ate good food and opened presents the gifts have to be homemade and i must say i was pretty impressed this year. It was a fun time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reflections, Polar Express and other information...

Last year Chase watched The Polar express and Really got into it, so me and Levi decided this year we would take him on it. I ended up getting tickets for just me and him and we went on our special date, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed just watching his face light up and he was riding it. However he was pretty disappointed when we got to "the north pole" and he realized there was no way it was real... Santa did aboard the train though and had special time with each kid, once that happened he decided to believe again and was so excited. We got cookies, and hot chocolate and sang Christmas carols it was really a fun time. I do wish i took Stacia because she would have enjoyed it but it was nice having special time with just chase.

Reflections: Christian and Clay both won Reflections this year, the theme was Together we can and they both won.. they will compete on the next level in January sometime. I am so proud of both of them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gardner Village

Me and the kids spent the day delivering flyers and since they were such good helpers we went to Gardner Village. Well once we were there i remembered i had a $20 credit at Cottage Day Retreat so I decided to pamper Stacia, she got her nails done. Me, and my mom decided to get ours done as well, luckily it was a credit because all our polish was off the next day. We had fun looking at the witches and the kids were really good.

Stacia was in a goofy mood and kept making the funniest faces in all my pictures.

This is a tradion we do every year its a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Silver Lake.. Field trip and Egg Drop

So today was General Conference, since it was a nice relaxing day I decided to take the kids up the canyons. Fall time is my favorite time of year to go driving up there since the colors are so beautiful. Apparently we werent the only ones with the idea there were a ton of people there. It was still a lot of fun though and my kids were so good!! They hated that i kept making them pose but look how stinking cute they are.

Playing on the chair lift at Brighton.. they did it according to if they were riding it.

So here they are about to take off. super excited for the ride.

Rounding the corner..

Just a little higher now..

Me looking up at them.. yes i am a full brownette now and yes i am chunkier than i have ever been in my entire life. I have been having some woman problems that have caused the doctor to have to put me into menopause which has caused a very depressing weight gain. I will be working my butt off extra hard though because i refuse to have this extra weight :(

In front of the waterfall at Brighton.

Silver Lake.. it is so beautiful there.. and it was nice and relaxing.

Field Trip!!!

We went to dimple dell park to do some science projects. I was in charge of breaking open rocks and learning about them it was a lot of fun. I love being able to go with my boys when they have activities.

The bus ride there.. clay me and christian

Christian and his best friend Hunter. . they are crazy

Me and Clay on the bus. I actually went with Clay but of course Christian was there.

So the 4th grade did an egg drop, the boys had to create something to put their egg in to be dropped off the roof and itcant break. Well i am proud to say that both of my ideas worked!! They boys did them but my brain came up with them. Okay well with a few suggestions from people i told i was doing this project.

Christians egg survived !! YAY!!!

So did Clays!!! I was a proud mother!